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Welcome to the home of ACIS, the Australasian Colloid and Interface Society. The society was established in 2013 as an inclusive organisation to bring together everyone in Australia and New Zealand (and beyond) who is interested in colloid and interfacial science, engineering and technology.

Colloid Science is the study of material dispersions which rely on molecular and nano-scale phenomena to impart key properties. Such colloidal phenomena, which include adsorption, aggregation and self assembly, are dictated by surface interactions. Colloid and surface science are thus inextricably related, and are enabling disciplines for global industries, including minerals processing, water treatment and pharmaceutical formulation. They are also key ingredients for the so-called ‘nanotechnology revolution’.

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In line with some changes we made to membership at the recent AGM in January 2020, ACIS is moving to 1 March membership renewal date. See here to see why you should be a member of ACIS and what the change means for current members.

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