ACIS Equity and Diversity Committee

The ACIS Equity and Diversity committee addresses all kinds of equity and diversity issues, including gender, cultural background, disability, scientific background, stage of career, sexual orientation, and geographical distribution of ACIS members. It aims to promote and support diversity amongst our members, and at the ACIS and student conferences.  The committee currently consists of A/Prof. Charlotte Conn (RMIT University, ACIS Board member), Dr. Boon-Mian Teo (Monash University), A/Prof. Rico Tabor (Monash University), Geosmin Turpin (Monash University, student member) and Dr. Hana Shiraz (DMTC).  Previous members include Prof. Vince Craig (ANU) and Dr. Joanne Du (CSL).  The committee is keen to hear from ACIS members, including students, who would like to get involved.  If you are interested in working with the ACIS equity and diversity committee, or have some suggestions for the committee, please contact Charlotte ( 

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